3 Female Figurines from One Piece Claw Machine

3 Female Figurines from One Piece Claw Machine

Japan is a home to amazing anime and manga. One of the famous anime is One Piece. Right now, many people in many countries, especially Singapore, love to watch One Piece and even collect One Piece figurines. If you are one of them, you’ll need to play One Piece claw machine.

This claw machine is an online game you can get for free from the Play Store or App Store. After installing the app to your smartphone, you need to register first so that Japan Claw Machine will know where you live. Japan Claw Machine will use your data to ship the prize you won.

Awesome Perona The Ghost Princess Figurine

One Piece is a special anime with a lot of characters. Many of those characters are female. To complete your collection, Japan Claw Machine offers female character figurines of One Piece. One of those figurines is the Perona figurine.

JCM offers the Ghost Princess figurine for One Piece lovers who can win the challenges of the crane game or claw machine. The Perona figurine offered by JCM is wearing her black and white dress along with a matching hat and a pair of red boots. The pink hair makes it look much more beautiful.

To get this extraordinary figurine, you need to choose one of the machine types and then keep playing until JCM ships this prize to your front door through EMS or DHL. The figurine you’ll get will be the original figurine from Japan. It is a limited edition figurine so make sure you win the game.

Cool Boa Hancock Figurine You Must Win

Another prize you can win by playing the amazing One Piece claw machine game is this Boa Hancock figurine. Boa Hancock is also known as the Pirate Empress, she is the Kuja Pirates’ captain and the only female Warlord of the Sea. You absolutely need to win this figurine to complete your collection.

Boa Hancock figurine that is offered by Japan Claw Machine is wearing an elegant purple dress. The black hair is hanging loosely but not hiding a pair of gold shiny earrings that enhance the beauty of this female One Piece figurine. In this figurine, Boa Hancock is wearing a pair of black heels.

To get this figurine of Boa Hancock, all you need to do is play the crane game from your home in Singapore. Keep playing until you drop a Boa Hancock figurine to the drop zone. And then JCM will ship it to your front door.

Nefertari Fifi Figurine for One Piece Fans

Nefertari Fifi, the Arabasta Princess, is another figurine you need to win by playing a JCM online game. The figurine of this princess looks so cute with long blue hair and some accessories around the face of the figurine. This figurine will complete the other two you have won from the same game.

One Piece claw machine will give you all figurines you want to complete your One Piece collection at home. Before collecting the other prizes, play the game to win the extraordinary female character figurines first. Then you can start playing again to win the other figurines.


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