3 Figures You Can Get from One Piece Claw Machine

3 Figures You Can Get from One Piece Claw Machine

Are you following the journey of Luffy in One Piece? Then downloading and playing the One Piece claw machine is a must. This claw machine game is an original game from Japan. The game is free to download from App Store and Play Store. Play the game and get your One Piece prizes.

Japan Claw Machine is an arcade game that will give you the real exclusive One Piece prizes. Various gifts will be yours for free as long as you can win the prizes by using the premium tickets. Or you can get the prize by spending USD 1 for each play. What prizes can you get from this arcade game?

One Piece Prizes for Japan Claw Machine Winners

If you are a One Piece figurines collector, you’ll play this Japan Claw Machine and do your best to win all the prizes provided by JCM. So many One Piece figurines are available. Below are some incredible figurines you can choose before playing the Japan Claw Machine.

  • Trafalgar D. Water Law figure

First prize you can choose as your prize is the figure of Trafalgar Law. Trafalgar Law is known for wearing different outfits on many occasions. The figure of Trafalgar D. Water Law you will get from playing the Japan Claw Machine online game will wear the first outfit during the Wano Country Arc.

The Trafalgar Law figure is one of the limited edition prizes offered by Japan Claw Machine. If you want to get it, you should get the game and play it now before the others take them all. The Trafalgar Law figure is not the only prize to win from One Piece claw machine.

  • Sanji figure

If you are collecting the figures of Straw Hat Pirates members, you’ll want to play Japan Claw Machine and get the figure of Vinsmoke Sanji. Sanji is known as a prince, sous chef, pirate, and cook. The figure you will get from playing Japan Claw Machine is a handsome Sanji in striped kimono.

The original price of this figure is USD 25. But you can play for only USD 1 to win this Sanji figure and get it shipped to your residence in Singapore. The prize is original from Japan so you can place it along with the other One piece stuff to complete your collection.

  • Roronoa Zoro figure

Roronoa Zoro is also an important member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is one of the most powerful fighters along with Luffy, Jinbe, and Sanji. If you are one of the true One Piece fans, you should collect the entire figures of the Straw Hat Pirates members.

All Straw Hat Pirates figures will be complete by playing the Japan Claw Machine game on your Android or iPhone device. Choose Roronoa Zoro as your prize first then do your best in winning the game so that it will be yours. Keep playing One Piece claw machine until you get the entire prizes.

Japan Claw Machine is a small app that won’t affect the overall performance of your smartphone. Play the game anytime and anywhere to get the beautiful One Piece figurines.

Source: https://j-claw.com/lp/one-piece/

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