3 Soft Toy Prizes from Claw Machine App

3 Soft Toy Prizes from Claw Machine App

Want to get unique Japanese soft toys? You sure can buy some soft toys from any online or offline shop. But are those toys the original ones from Japan? Only by playing a crane game in a claw machine app can yo get the original soft toys shipped directly from Japan.

Japan is the home of many soft toys and plush toys. If you want the original ones, you should get those plush toys and soft toys from the country that create them all. If you can’t travel to Japan yet, simply download the Japan Claw Machine and play the game to get the toys you desire.

Cute Soft Toys for the Players of Japan Claw Machine

Japan Claw Machine offers various prizes for the players. JCM offers electronics, food, toys, anime, and soft toys as prizes. Speaking about soft toys, what kind of toys can you get by playing and winning the online claw machine game? Below are some prizes you can choose.

Pote Usa Loppy soft toys

Pote Usa Loppy is a group of kawaii or cute plush toys. The group consists of some cute bunnies or fluffy rabbits. Their names are Chappy, Panpi, and Shiloppy. They have floppy ears as well as sweet blushing cheeks. They will be yours if you can win the online claw machine app.

Those bunnies were designed and created by a famous Japanese plush toys manufacturer called Amuse. Since the claw machine is in Japan, the Pote Usa Loppy you’ll get is the original version and will be shipped from Japan directly to your house in the United Kingdom.

Snoopy big sized soft toys

Snoopy has been a famous characters for years. This dog is well known as a loyal and imaginative beagle. Snoopy can also be lazy, gluttonous, or selfish at times. Snoopy is highly obsessed with cookies, especially the chocolate chip ones. Do you love Snoopy as well?

Then you’ll want to download the Japan Claw Machine app and keep playing this crane game until you get the Snoopy lying down soft toys. Snoopy soft toys come in two different versions. The original one in white color and black ears and the brown one. Can you win both from playing Japan Claw Machine?

Cute Pompompurin yellow pillow

Pompompurin is a well behaved golden retriever who loves wearing a brown beret. He also loves anything soft, cream caramel puddings made by his mama, and milk. He is excellent at napping and easy to make friends with. If you love him, you’ll want this cute Pompompurin yellow pillow.

The pillow has Pompompurin’s sleeping face on the corner, he is not wearing his brown beret on this pillow, but a cute pink hat. This pillow is available in the Japan Claw Machine. You’ll need to play the game and win the prize to get this Pompompurin yellow pillow shipped to your home in the UK.

Many more prizes are provided by Japan Claw Machine. As long as you know how to win the game, you’ll get the real prizes you have won when you play the claw machine app.


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