6 Prizes to Catch on Pokemon Claw Machine

6 Prizes to Catch on Pokemon Claw Machine

Pokemon has been very popular since 1995 and it’s not only in Japan but worldwide. The fans are collecting everything related to Pokemon ever since, especially merchandise. You can play the Pokemon claw machine to catch the prize for only $1 per play. Here are the prizes you’ll possibly get.

6 Special Prizes from Pokemon Claw Machine

  • Colorful PM Pop Wrist Watch

Limited edition wrist watches are available in this game. There are five variants with different colors pink, blue, yellow, and red. The watches have a different picture and they are all analog watches. One play at a time, you have a chance to win one wristwatch only.

  • Slippers

Slippers are adorable, especially the Pikachu edition. There are two pairs to win. The first one is Pikachu with open eyes and the other ones are sleeping Pikachu pairs. Both of them are yellow slippers with Pikachu unique ears on the top of the slippers.

  • Pokemon storage box

This stuff is limited edition because no one can buy this everywhere. You are only able to get it by playing Pokemon claw machine online. The storage has 50 cm in height and it’s versatile. The storage can be a storage for everything from clothes, toys, or other stuff.

  • Pokemon towel

Pokemon fans who are not into Pikachu can choose towel stuff from the claw machine. The size is 100 cm and only one color is available for a green towel. It has a lot of characters’ pictures printed on the towel. It’s perfect to add your collection at home and it’s not only for your display.

  • Eco bag

Pokemon eco bag is strictly limited. Claim this beautiful eco bag by playing the Pokemon claw machine online. This prize category has a lot of patterns and mostly the main characters of Pokemon. There are about 11 patterns available and you can choose after you win this category.

  • Plush

There is a lot of plush to win. The biggest one is Kabigon Mega big and the size is 42 cm. It’s similar to a cushion for your sofa or bed. The color is bright blue and white. Another plush to have is Pokemon friends from Axew, Piplup, Eevee, and Squirtle.

  • Pouch

The Pokemon pouch is cute merchandise because it’s only the head part of the character. There are 6 different characters available to win in this category and they are in different colors.

Some prizes in the Pokemon claw machine game are limited edition. There’s no option to buy anywhere else unless you win the game. Choose the category you love and start to catch your favorite Pokemon stuff to win.

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