3 Types of Business Etiquette in Thailand and Best Time for Business

3 Types of Business Etiquette in Thailand and Best Time for Business

Before entering a country, especially Eastern country, it is crucial to learn about the culture. Learning and understanding business etiquette in Thailand will help you cooperate with the people and win the competition in order to grow your business in that country.

Traffic in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is extremely bad. Many business people decide to conduct the meetings through the internet or cell phones. To avoid the gridlock of Bangkok, you can commute by using the speedboat.

Understanding the Best Business Time

Thailand is dominated by Buddhist people, excepts in several parts of the south, many people in those areas are Muslim. Buddhist holidays mostly are celebrated in April to May, when business people in Thailand go on a trip. April and May are the worst time for you to do business.

The right time for doing business in this country is between November and March when business people are ready and no Buddhist holidays or family vacation will be conducted. Also, you better learn about some things to avoid when you are in Thailand.

Crucial Business Etiquette in Thailand

When you are in Thailand, avoid saying or writing negative comments especially about the King and the country. Once you insult the King and the country, you will lose the opportunity to build a great business relationship with Thai people. It can also bring you to legal action.

You must always treat the entire image of the royal family with deep respect. Also, you must treat every Buddha image with the deepest respect. You should never point your feet’s soles in the Buddha’s direction. It is also illegal to deface or touch any statue or image of a monk or Buddha.

Head and Feet Rules in Thailand

Head is a sacred part of the body in Thai Buddhism. Passing any item over a person’s head may cause a great offence. Dirty feet are also bad in Thailand. You should never use your feet to point to anything. And you must never place your feet next to the head and objects associated with the head.

Left hand is also a bad hand to use. If you need to pass something, always use your right hand. And avoid pointing with only one of your fingers. Remove your shoes before you enter any Thai home. People in this country are truly conscious about cleanliness.

Learning Business Etiquette with Marketing Consultant in Thailand

According to a Marketing Consultant in Thailand, Thai people would love to build a strong personal relationship before building a professional relationship. Oftentimes, issues are going to be discussed repeatedly at some different levels in order to make the right decision. It is normal to conduct several meetings before the business gets started.

Initial meetings are always taking place over some drinks, lunch, or entertainment. This is how Thai people develop their business relationships. In Thai communication, it is important to show politeness and respect through your body language. Offer your business card with your right hand.

Always take your time to get a card from a Thai businessman and read the card. Complete the business etiquette in Thailand by commenting about the card you just received politely.

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