Claw Machine Price and Its 5 Game Types

Claw Machine Price and Its 5 Game Types

What game can you play at home and win the prize without leaving the house? It is this Japan claw machine game. This is a game you can get on your smartphone, either Android or iOS device, and allow you to win assorted prizes.

How much is this claw machine price?

You can go to App Store or Google Play Store to get this game for free. Even the Japan claw machine is going to give you 5 premium tickets that you can use to play the game and get the prize for free as well. Don’t you want to play this incredible game?

Low Claw Machine Price for Fantastic Prizes

The 5 premium tickets are not the only thing that will make you feel excited to play the game. This app also offers 5 different claw machine types you can play to get various prizes.

Claw Machine Prize

What are the entire machine types to play and what prizes you can bring home to complete your collection?

  • Bridge style claw machine game

This may be the easiest level to play. In this game type, you must move the claw and get the prize you need to win. Take the prize using that claw and then drop it between the rods. There will be some rods blocking the way out of the prize.

Make sure you hold the prize carefully and drop it in the right position so that it will pass between the rods to win that precious prize.

  • Ping pong ball claw machine app

This Claw Machine App, allows you to choose one prize to win. That prize will be placed in a glass box along with a bowl of yellow balls and a black colored plate with black holes and colored holes.

Your task is to drop the balls into the colored hole. If you can do this, the prize in the glass box will be yours.

  • Treasure hunt claw machine game

Here is a more challenging game you should play. In this claw machine type you must move the claw to pull the black chain that is placed in a glass box along with many yellow chains.

The black ones are connected to the prize you desire. If you can only pull and drop the yellow ones, you won’t win the prize.

  • Hang, hook and shake claw machine game

If you want another challenging claw crane game, consider playing this one. In this game type you have to move the claw in order to hook the prize’s pink ring in order to drop that prize so you can win it.

You must be really careful since the pink rink is small and you need to hook the ring instead of the prize.

  • Bounded machine claw machine game

The last game type is the most challenging one. You must move the claw and take the prize you desire. But then you should drop that prize until it passes the rubber band.

If it falls above the rubber band, you lose and you must bring it back to its initial position and start over.

The claw machine price is a dollar for each play. So make sure you spend it wisely and do the best to win the game.

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