Collect Rare Pokemon Figurines from Pokemon Claw Machine

Collect Rare Pokemon Figurines from Pokemon Claw Machine

As recently Pokemon Claw Machine became hugely popular all over the world, this game also started gaining popularity in Canada.

People are not only interested in this game due to its huge popularity but also the challenging experience they feel when playing the machine to win the prizes. 

Pokemon figurines and toys that this game has as prizes are other main attractions of this game. No wonder if this app receives more and more downloads and currently hits more than 31 million downloads as people want to get the exclusive Pokemon prizes which are rare. 

Types of Prizes in Pokemon Claw Machine


We know that this game offered Pokemon figurines as the main prize for Canadian players. However, there are still other prizes that you can choose from in this claw machine game. All of them are worth getting and never go out-of-style. 

  • Pokemon Figurines

Pokemon figurines offered by this game are actually the most reasons why people are interested to play. The figurines which you can win from this game are designed exclusively so that you cannot find them anywhere else and you cannot buy them in any stores. 

This is a perfect place for figurine collectors, especially those who love Pokemon characters to collect the rare figurines. Once winning the game, you will receive Pikachu figurines that are special and none of the others have the same. 

  • Pokemon Cushions and Plush

It also provides soft toys with Pokemon characters such as cushions and plush. Most plushies available in this game are made in exclusive design so that you cannot buy them.

The only thing you must do to own them is winning the game. Plush is also a fun toy to be collected due to its smaller size. 

However, you also can discover the big flush which is one of the limited edition prizes you possibly get when playing with this claw machine. 

  • Pokemon Daily Necessities

You have many chances to win a variety of daily necessities that come in Pokemon characters. Let’s say the game provides Pikachu slippers, Pokemon Daily Calendar, Storage Box with Pokemon theme, Pokemon face pouch, a wristwatch with Pokemon character, and Pokemon eco bag. 

All those items will be beneficial for your daily life without leaving you from your favorite anime. Even all of them are available in limited edition and some are exclusive which only this game has. 

Solving Problems When Playing the Game

Claw Machine Prize

Soon after honing your skills to play the claw machine, this game will be pretty easy to win. However, it doesn’t mean that the gameplay always runs smoothly.

If any problem happens you can contact the customer service team in order to help you solve the problem because they are ready at any time. 

As customer satisfaction is their first priority, they take pride in giving the best quality to solve customer problems. They provide players with a simple and quick solution that is understandable. 

Collecting rare Pokemon figurines is not just a dream now for you who live in Canada. It is since the Pokemon claw machine gives you an opportunity to play a challenging game and win various exclusive and rare Pokemon gifts. 

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