Duties of a Thailand Management Consulting Company

Duties of a Thailand Management Consulting Company

According to literature, one of the first consultants in the world is Arthur D. Little who established his business in 1886 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He initially gave technical support or helped with engineering to his clients. At the beginning of the 20th century, Booz Allen Hamilton started a similar business. starting from that time, many other companies emerged including Thailand management consulting.

Following that event, James Kinsey – a professor from Chicago University – established an accounting and engineering advisors’ company which used different approach and framework. This corporation did not employ regular engineers, instead, it chose experienced executives that have been trained with a set of analysis and knowledge that are considered temporary at that time.

The main things that had to be mastered by employees are strategy, policy, goals, organization, procedure, facilities, and personnel.

What duties have to be done by Thailand Management Consulting;
each consulting company has their own philosophy and framework, whether it is an individual consultant or a consultant that does their job with other people in their team. However, generally, consultants do similar jobs such as pitching, research, analysis, and report writing. This cycle goes continually and repeatably.


The main goal of pitching is to offer and sell services. This activity includes preparing documents, researching which clients are the most prospective, creating a proposal, and conducting a presentation (or called sales pitch) to clients.


The next task is conducting secondary research to clients and related industries by using internal manpower or external resources. This also includes conducting interviews about the needs of clients and getting acknowledgement about the process going on within a company. This will also help clients in overcoming problems faced by their companies.


This step includes several steps such as 1) making a mathematical model of collected data using Excel or other modelling software. 2) helping in arranging the recommendations needed. 3) preparing the final presentation (or called “deck”) in the form of a PowerPoint slide. 4) helping clients to understand their discoveries and applying the recommendations made.


In the implementation stage, Thailand management consulting will act as a project manager who makes sure that all procedures are done correctly. They will also execute system integration and test out the recommended system for IT consulting firms. After the project is finished, they will do the documentation.


This is a more passive stage in the consulting cycle; however, it is still very important. When not involved in a project, the consulting team will help in the internal research team, fill out time tracking and expense report forms, and write publications in the form of a book or journal.

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