Having Fun Playing a Claw Machine App

Having Fun Playing a Claw Machine App

What was your favorite game when you were still a little kid? If it was a claw machine game, then you must try a claw machine app now. This gaming app offers you with great fun that you forget the time and spend too much time playing this game.

There are choices of claw machine apps in the app store, but not all of them are worth installing. If you want to have the best gaming experience, you need to download and install the right claw machine gaming app.

Japanese Claw Machine App

The best claw machine game is the Japanese Claw Machine (JCM). This mobile game allows you to play a real-like claw machine from Japan with various prizes to win. The game offers you with 5 types of claw machines. They are:

  1. Bridge Style

This claw machine mobile game is almost similar to the common real claw machine. To win this game, players need to drop the prize between the bridge-like rods.

  1. Hang & Hook & Shake

This type of machine is very unique. Players who want to win the prize from this machine must hook the pink ring and then drop the prize to win.

  1. Ping Pong Ball 

The Ping Pong Ball machine is fun to play. Players need to drop the prize into the colored hole if they want to win the prize.

  1. Bounded Machine

This claw machine is very challenging. To win the game, players must slip the prize through the rubber bands.

  1. Treasure Hunt

This is another challenging claw machine from JCM. To win the prize, you must find a chain connected to the prize.

Why is it Considered as the Best Claw Machine App?

  1. Unlimited Free Plays

A claw machine game is not always an easy game to play, especially if you have never played it before. That’s why JCM offers you unlimited free plays to hone your skills in playing the game.

Once you are skillful in playing the claw machine game, you can play the real game and get the real prize. 

  1. Gives Players Real Prize

Yes, JCM allows you to win real prizes. You can pick various prize categories, for example anime, toys, soft toys, electronics, and food. All of the prizes are shipped from Japan via EMS or DHL.

There are millions prizes available from this claw machine game and there are always new prizes to collect. So far, more than 10 million of prizes have been sent to those who win the game. 

  1. Free 5 Premium Tickets

If you download this claw machine app, you will get 5 premium tickets. With these tickets in hand, you can try all the types of claw machine games freely. As a result, you can win the prize from each of the claw machines for free.

JCM is a fun game to play and allows you to have a real prize sent from Japan. This mobile game has high quality graphics and offers you with an excellent gaming experience, similar to playing the real arcade game. In addition, the claw of this game is easy to control once you have enough practice.

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