Manufacturing Consulting: Strategy and Prospects in Asia

Manufacturing Consulting: Strategy and Prospects in Asia

Running a manufacturing business demands a lot of things to take into consideration. Strict competition in the industry requires the manufacturer to strive continuously one way or another. Retaining a manufacturing consultant becomes one of the most popular methods to increase productivity. Manufacturing consulting firms typically offer experienced consultants to help manufacturers resolve their problems.

Manufacturing consultants are expected to devise an effective and efficient system to support productivity. It relates to workers, materials, machines, and so much more. The consultants will propose and use specific strategies for improved business. When it comes to manufacturing marketing, there are some strategies commonly used by manufacturing consultants.

Manufacturing Market Strategy

There is no successful manufacturing market without the right marketing strategy. There are five popular marketing strategies commonly used by manufacturing consultants for a successful business. The strategies include Pertinent, Profitable, Practical, Provocative, and Plugged-in. Following these strategies help make eliminate wastefulness and increase productivity.

  1. Pertinent

Pertinent, or also known as relevant, is the first strategy to engage with your audience. Everything you make, publish, share, or produce must be relevant to the target market. You should be able to answer their question and make them feel better after seeing your ads or promotions.

  1. Profitable

Another manufacturing consulting strategy is profitable. It means the manufacturer must be able to take and use the information to grow the business. It is necessary to build a connection with your customers so that the business is labeled as trustworthy. You can approach them gently so you will get other potential elements.

  1. Practical

Manufacturing consulting requires usable and practical information. When the consultant proposes certain information, it should be used now and give results at any given time. This strategy is great for digital marketing with fast information exchange.

  1. Provocative

Provocative means your manufacturing marketing must be able to produce a reaction from the audience. When your customers feel something and are encouraged to use your products, it means this provocative strategy has been well applied.

  1. Plugged-in

Make your marketing content more relatable. This manufacturing business strategy has been proven to reach the target audience more effectively. Speaking their language and understand the audience’s point of view is one of the important keys to successful marketing in the manufacturing business.

Asia Manufacturing Consulting

With more manufacturing businesses retain consultants, Asia’s consulting industry is increasing. It was noted that the number reached $50 billion in 2018, making the region one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide. The number is predicted to increase in the following years. South Korea and Japan are known as the largest consulting markets in Asia.

Following the increase in numbers of Asia’s consulting industry, the manufacturing business consulting sector also gets significant improvement. Strategy and Operations consulting places the top position, followed by IT and Digital Consulting, Financial Consulting, and HR Consulting.

Manufacturing business needs an aggressive approach to thrive in strict competition. Manufacturing consulting has been chosen to help manufacturers review their systems for improved productivity and work efficiency. The manufacturing consultant also helps identify the existing problems and propose strategies to resolve the problems.


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