Market Research Indonesia: Healthcare Still a Promising Market Entry for Investment

Market Research Indonesia: Healthcare Still a Promising Market Entry for Investment

Healthcare problems often happen in most ASEAN countries. Overcoming the solution for a gap between poorer and richer society to get high-quality healthcare services.

Market research Indonesia in healthcare focusing on how to develop easy and cheap access to an international hospital. Here, what healthcare consulting firm in Indonesia can help you, advisory services cover Indonesia’s rapidly developing market.

Particularly, most of the private hospitals gained a significant number of patients rather than the public. 

How Was Indonesia’s Healthcare Situation Recently?

Recently, from 2017 to 2018, most of the private hospitals gained double-digit patient volume.

In fact, in Indonesia private hospitals often provide better services and trust from people.

Creating Indonesia’s hospital stock railed by 38-39 percent in 2019. It was better than the expected volume and margin for Indonesia healthcare stocks. However, there is still a remaining problem to overcome. 

Most of the poor citizens still find it hard to get access to international and better healthcare services. That happened because there is an expensive payment for such services in the international hospital.

On the other hand, a traditional healthcare solution cannot be able to expand with infrastructure and provision from western lines.

That might not suitable for Indonesia and of course, it would be too long to develop and too expensive to reach by lower society. 

Significant Problem for Healthcare in Indonesia

1. Private and public healthcare sector does not work together.

Competition does happen in the market.

Thus, there is still huge competition between the private and public healthcare sectors in Indonesia. It naturally happens and it would lead to a huge gap for healthcare between the lower to higher society.

2. Lack of trust.

A couple of years ago, Indonesia lost revenue for healthcare reached about 48 billion Dollars. In fact, there is still a lot of Indonesian travel abroad for medical purposes.

Showed a lack of trust for local healthcare services. The case happens because there are still public hospitals cannot be able to provide significant treatment.

People tend to go abroad rather than pay for a huge budget with low services. 

3. Many hospitals provide an expensive payment.

The gap between lower to higher society’s still huge in Indonesia. The expensive healthcare system would decrease customer trust in several public or private hospitals.

Most of the citizens tend to stay at home and suffering rather than to find proper healthcare. Market research Indonesia does need to take a new phase in providing the cheapest hospital care.

4. Lack of distribution.

Geographically, Indonesia is a huge country with many different islands. It may be a better opportunity or would be a specific challenge for several sectors.

However, some of the regions in Indonesia still have lack of distribution for healthcare needs. Specifically, because of the limitation of access into a small region with a lack of infrastructure. 

5. Limited skills.

Human resources development is important to catch up. There are still limited numbers of hospitals having a better-skilled healthcare servant.

Thus, the government would need to underline this problem and provide better training to increase their skills. Indonesia has been able to develop such innovation in healthcare.

Adapting the latest technology in the emerging international hospitals among the country. Yet, market research Indonesia should adapt to the new challenges where high-quality healthcare access remains hard to get by the poor.

Expensive payment for such services is one of the biggest problems to overcome in this country.

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