One Piece Claw Machine with 3 Unique Prizes

One Piece Claw Machine with 3 Unique Prizes

Many fans of One Piece Japanese anime are also collectors of One Piece merchandise. If you are one of those people who love collecting One Piece merchandise, you need to play the One Piece claw machine game. This game will let you play the classic crane game with One Piece prizes.

The prizes offered by this online claw machine game are exclusive. Some of them are even limited edition and you can only get them by playing the online crane game. Some of those prizes cannot be purchased anywhere else. Start playing the game now and win the prizes below.

Kaidou Figurine from One Piece Game

Since the online crane machine game allows each player to choose the prize, you can choose the One Piece figurine you want before playing the crane game. the first figurine you may want to get is the Kaidou figurine. Kaidou is known as the strongest creature.

The look of the Kaidou figurine from the One Piece claw game is similar to the original Kaidou appearance in the anime series. Even the size of this figurine is shorter than the other One Piece figurines. it is because, in the anime, Kaidou is shorter than the other characters.

One Piece Claw Machine and Buggy Figurine

The online claw machine game is not only offering the figurines of protagonist characters in the One Piece anime series. This game also offers some figurines of the antagonist characters. For example, you can get a Buggy figurine from this online crane game.

Buggy is the Buggy Pirates’ captain. He is also the Buggy and Alvida Alliance’s co-leader. If you have collected some other figurines of the antagonist characters, you also need to get this figurine. But the figurine you will get is Buggy as a child.

Cute O-Tama figurine from Crane Game

The One Piece claw game will also let you win the O-Tama figurine. Choose this figurine as your prize before the game starts. O-Tama is a cute girl with purple hair and light green kimono. She has a gorgeous smile. The figurine of O-Tama has the same appearance as the one in the anime series.

O-Tama has a thin and short appearance in the anime. She has violet eyes that match her purple hair. If you want to win this O-Tama figurine, keep playing the online crane game.


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