Level Up Your Skills in Online Claw Machine Games

Level Up Your Skills in Online Claw Machine Games

Many people love playing claw machines, or claw cranes, from kids to adults. Claw machines are different from other game machines, as it contains a lot of great prizes to win.

Usually, we can find claw cranes at game centers or shopping malls’ entrances; but as people become more tech-savvy, they prefer anything digital.

Therefore, a fresh innovation is made: Japan Claw Machine (JCM), a Japan-based app that brings a real-life experience of claw machines.

The app itself comes with a high-quality and device-friendly user interface, thus optimizing the user experience.

Besides, it is also compiled with a simple game instruction to help the claw machine newbies.

Even better, if you are stuck on getting your item, the customer satisfaction team can reposition it.

Moreover, if you have questions about the how-to or other things, feel free to contact the customer service team anytime. 

Not only having great UI and UX, but JCM also has free unlimited practice plays that allow you to try on five different types of claw machines, such as:

  • (1) treasure hunt, where you pick up the chain that is connected to the prize;
  • (2) bounded machine, in which you can only win when the prize falls from the rubber band;
  • (3) bridge style, where you have to pass the prize between rails,
  • (4) hang & hook shake, obviously, you have to hook the ring so that the prize drops;
  • (5) ping-pong ball, where you have to drop the prize into the colored holes. By getting to know each machine, indeed, you will be second to none!

The special thing about JCM is that it has partnered with the best anime series of all time, namely Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, Dragon Ball, Ghibli, One Piece, Pokémon, and so on.

prizes online claw machine

These partnerships enable JCM to produce unique and official figurines that are only available in the app, and obviously, cannot be purchased anywhere else.

In addition, JCM comes up with other goods to win, such as electronics, food, toys, and other rare Japanese goods, as more than a thousand new items are regularly coming.

On that account, this game is an excellent deal. Moreover, you can claim your item for just $1 per game.

Once you win, the prize will be delivered to you via DHL or EMS, covering more than 60 shipping destinations worldwide. 

Get the app now and feel the thrill of playing claw machines online!

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