3 Awesome Options of Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore

3 Awesome Options of Pikachu Claw Machine Singapore

Claw machine is an addictive game. It can be found anywhere in almost all countries. The prizes offered by the claw machines are so attractive. There is Pikachu claw machine Singapore where you can play the crane game and get Pikachu and the other Pokémon figures by winning the game.

Claw machines can be found all around the country. However, the ones that offer Pikachu as the prize are only some of them. If you really need to collect many Pokémon figures from the claw machine around the world, you must play these claw machines and get as many figures as you can.

pokemon-claw-machine-2Awesome Claw Machines to Get Pikachu Figures

Many places in Singapore are so beautiful. But not all of them have the claw machines where your favorite Pikachu figures sit inside the box. Fortunately, there are brilliant places you can visit and get the incredible Pokémon figures to complete your plush toys collection.

The I Claw Taiwan

This claw machine came from Taiwan and is now providing limited edition plush toys including many characters such as the cute Stitch, Pikachu, and so on. Find this amazing claw machine in the Jurong Point Mall and in the Marina Square.

The pastel pink boxes contain different plush toys. So you can focus on one box if you want to get one specific figure to win. Not only plush toys, there are many more prizes available such as the Bluetooth earphones inspired by the anime.

Each play on Pikachu claw machine Singapore only requires 0.40 dollar. Feel free to play throughout the day and win as many Pokémon figures as possible.

The Claw Surprize

If you think you are an expert in claw machine games, you absolutely need to play the Claw Surprize in the City Gate Mall. You will find claw machines that contain so many figurines, plush toys, and many other trinkets like the puzzles and watches.

Classic claw machine is available here, the one that allows you to claw the prize and drop it to the hole. But there are also some more challenging claw machines you must try. One of them is the ping pong claw machine. You must use the claw to catch the ping pong ball.

Then you have to roll the ball and drop it to a specific spot. If you can do it, the prize will be yours and you can complete your Pikachu and Pokémon collection at home


The Claw Bae

The last Pikachu claw machine Singapore you must try is the Claw Bae you can find in the Westgate. The entire neon lit claw machines here have anime toys and plush toy figurines. If you have played several times and won some small toys, you can exchange the small pieces with the bigger one.

Can you imagine how happy your partner will be when you bring him or her a huge sized Pikachu plush toy or another super big sized Pokémon figure? You need to start playing right now and get the Pikachu figures you have desired for years.



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