Pixar Claw Machine and the Real Disney Prizes to Win

Pixar Claw Machine and the Real Disney Prizes to Win

If you are a huge fan of Pixar and Disney characters, you will want to play Japan Claw Machine that is offering so many exclusive and limited edition prizes to complete your Disney and Pixar collection. 

Simply play the Pixar claw machine by JCM and you can get many Pixar and Disney prizes for free.

For the new players, Japan Claw Machine offers 5 premium tickets you can use to play the game for free. 

But if you have played this game before and spent the entire ticket, every play requires a dollar. Make sure you do the best to get the prize from this claw machine.

The Exciting Pixar Claw Machine and Its Disney Prizes

The Disney claw crane from Japan Claw Machine is going to give you various Disney characters. What prizes will you win from playing this claw crane? Below are some official prizes you can get exclusively from Japan:

  • Donald Duck plush

Here comes a 130 dollar Donald Duck plush for players who can win this toy in Japan Claw Machine. Whether you are playing using the premium ticket or by paying a dollar, the Donald Duck plush you won is going to be shipped via the EMS or DHL to your home.

  • Disney face cushions

If you really love soft toys, you must play this Disney claw crane game and select the big-sized Disney emoji cushion. 

Each cushion’s price is 20 dollars but you don’t have to pay that much if you can win this prize in any game mode of Japan Claw Machine, so you better start immediately.

  • Jessie figurine

One exclusive prize you can get from the Toy Story claw machine is Jessie’s figurine from the Toy Story Movie of Pixar and Disney. 

The price of Jessie’s figurine is 25 dollars. By playing Japan Claw Machine you will get the chance to bring this figurine home without paying for anything.

  • Monsters, Inc. plush

Donald Duck is not the only plush you can win by playing Japan Claw Machine. JCM also offers exclusive Monsters, Inc. plush. 

You can choose one between Mike Wazowski plush, Sally plush, Boo plush, and Randall plush. If you are good enough at playing this game, you can even win them all for free.

  • Disney princesses figurines

Boys are not the only ones who love collecting figurines. Many girls also love collecting Disney princess figurines.

If you are one of those girls, you must play Japan Claw Machine and try to win the entire figurines of Disney princesses including Belle and Cinderella. They will perfect your Disney collection.

  • Disney bath towel

Mickey Mouse lovers also need to play Pixar claw machine. They can choose the bath towel with Mickey Mouse to run character. This 110 x 55 cm towel comes in various color options.

The original price of this wonderful bath towel is 10 dollars. But there is no need to pay a single dollar if you can win this towel.

Many more prizes are waiting for you to stop reading and start playing. Get the app from the App Store or Google Play Store to start playing.

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