Play Pokemon Claw Machine Online and Win Rare Pokemon Merchandise

Play Pokemon Claw Machine Online and Win Rare Pokemon Merchandise

Pokemon characters are cute so that it is no wonder that many people love collecting Pokemon merchandise. If you are a Pokemon fan and want to collect the merchandise, you must try a Pokemon claw machine online game.

What is a Pokemon Claw Machine Game?

Pokemon claw machine game is a gaming app created by Japanese Claw Machine or JCM. This mobile game looks so real that you will feel as if you play the claw machine in the amusement arcade instead of playing an online game.

This gaming app also offers real Pokemon prizes. Gamers who win the prize will receive Pokemon merchandise from JCM. All the Pokemon prizes from this mobile game are rare and unique because JCM has an exclusive contract with Pokemon creator.

The prizes are available in limited edition and some of them are only available in this app. As a result, playing this claw machine will give you a chance to collect exclusive Pokemon merchandise. 

When you are playing this game, you can choose the merchandise you want to collect, such as Pokemon towels, eco bags, pouches, slippers, and soft toys. If you win the prize, JCM will send it to you. However, if you fail, you need to try again.

You don’t need to worry much about being failed though. Most gamers are able to control the claw of the game easily. Therefore, you will have no difficulties in winning the Pokemon prize. The numbers of Pokemon prizes sent to the winners that reach over 10 million prizes proves it.

Why You Must Play Pokemon Claw Machine Online Game

Having this Pokemon claw machine online game is a must for Pokemon lovers because this app doesn’t only offer real prizes, but also other great features.

  1. Fun Gaming Experience

This gaming app has interesting graphics and looks real that you will get a fun gaming experience Moreover, the challenges of the game are entertaining and unique. However, the challenges are not too difficult for the gamers so that gamers won’t be frustrated with it.

  1. International Shipping Service

International shipping service is available in this app. JCM sends the Pokemon merchandise from Japan via DHL or EMS to 60 countries. Therefore, gamers all around the globe can play this claw machine and receive the Pokemon prize they win.

  1. Affordable 

Similar to the claw machine in the amusement arcade, gamers need to pay a certain amount of money to play one game. However, this cost is very affordable compared to the price of the Pokemon merchandise. 

You only need to pay $1 for a play. Meanwhile, the price of the merchandise is up to $40 and some of them are priceless because they are not available in stores.

  1. Free Premium Tickets

If you download the Pokemon claw machine app right now, you will get 5 free premium tickets. With those premium tickets in hand, you don’t need to pay for the play. Therefore, you have 5 chances to win Pokemon merchandise for free.

Pokemon claw machine app is compatible to iPhone and Android devices. If you have some questions about this game or face a problem during a game, you can talk to the customer service representative via chat anytime of the day and any day of the week.

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