Primary Research In Marketplace Of Malaysia

Primary Research In Marketplace Of Malaysia

Market research Malaysia is a process to get the data and information which make you aware about brand of products and services. A business has to think about market research in the global market or local market.

How to Conduct Market Research?

Firstly, it is most important to set the goal for the market research activity you will undertake. You can define clearly what your business wants to know and why you have to get information about that.

The company on market research Malaysia tries to develop a strategy and select techniques to gather the data. The companies in Malaysia generally use primary research to know what the consumers’ need. 

Primary research is the original information that you get by responding to a specific question or set of problems. This information is normally by using surveys, observation, or experimentation. But there are disadvantages to this research. Namely, the result is not available.

Surveys are the most common way to find the information by using primary research to get a specific answer. The surveys can be conducted:

Through Direct Email

Email is one of the media that can be used to send anything that you want. It can get help people do business do surveys through direct email. They send a message and get respond quickly. There are follow-up reminders necessary also. 

The Telephone 

The company uses primary research that can get the data by telephone. There is an advantage as cost-effective. Just call the response and ask the data that you are need for them.

But sometimes there are disadvantages such as it can be difficult to get participants because the company has to find their number and call them. Second is about the little willing in public for telephone interruptions. 

On The Web or Via Email

The company also can gather the information through email or on the web; it is cost-effective and easy to make the respondent complete the survey based on the time that they want, and it is not waste little effort. 


An interview is always doing to gather information or data. It is included in primary research. An interview can happen in person or focus on groups. 

The questions that the company in market research Malaysia always make sure the questions can reliable to ask; these are the characteristics that they use.

  1. Short and simple
  2. Make sure it is easy to read
  3. Make the specific questions to help respondent can give a specific answer
  4. Do pre-test about 

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