Services And Tools on Market Research’s Companies

Services And Tools on Market Research’s Companies

Market research Iraq also uses to gain information about the data on the local and global market. The companies usually there are tools that include quantitative research and qualitative research. Each company has different services and tools. For quantitative, there are services that they give.

  • Awareness, usage, and attitudes studies
  • Packaging evaluation
  • Shopper research’
  • Market potential studies
  • Promotion

In quantitative research that tools used on market research’s companies in Iraq by the company.

Face-to-face interviews (door to door, street or in the shop)

The companies try to find the respondents to give comments about their product. So that, interviewer and respondent meet face-to-face or the interviewer can meet the respondents in street or shop. The company also can come door to door to get the data for market research Iraq companies needed for your business.

Telephone interviews

The data can get also by telephone. Thus the interview does by using the telephone where the company call the respondent to know how they perceptions about the service or brand of product. From that, the company will get the data.

Online interviews

Nowadays, interview by online is the most popular. We just need an internet connection and can get the data survey that we needed. The respondent is got on internet and interview online to make it easier without face-to-face. It is so efficient. The company of market research almost does this thing to find the data accurately. not only in Iraq but there are companies in the other countries do the same thing.

The services included qualitative research given by the company of market research Iraq such as decision making and purchase process, shopper understanding, brand etc. In qualitative research that tools used on market research’s companies in Iraq by the company.

Focus on group discussion

The company usually uses qualitative research through a focus on group discussion. It will discuss the service and product and get the data. So the data is used on market research to help your business.

Product placement

Product placement is to gain exposure for the products. It also knows as embedded marketing. The data can get by product placement for specific brands or product are incorporated such as a company with specific promotional intent.


The data also can get by observation. The company gain information of the data by observation in-home or store because they have the data to help market research. This tools of collection data are most popular than another tool.

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